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Alyssa Thiessen

Alyssa Thiessen is a writer and a teacher hailing from the vibrant center of Canada - Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has published work in The Manitoban, Upword Magazine, and OHRMA Hosting Magazine. She has also recently released her first novel, Amber Rain, which is a YA Post-Apocalyptic Adventure. She highly recommends you read it. Alyssa earned her Bachelor of Arts, with distinction, from the University of Manitoba, where she focused on English, Film, History, and Procrastination. She also has a Bachelor of Education, with distinction, specializing in Senior Years English and History. Although she loves the beauty of the written word and the thrill of engaging learners, her greatest joy is found in her family. Life with her husband, Zig, and their two awesome children, make every day a beautiful adventure. Website: Facebook: Amazon Author Page: Twitter:

Barbara Ann Derksen

With a plethora of writing under her belt and a variety of genres, Barbara Ann Derksen receives encouragement from 4 and 5 star reviews, the eager anticipation by readers for the next book, and a new reader discovering her existence. Born in Canada, Barbara lived in the US for 12 years. There her writing surfaced as she worked under contract as a journalist for six years with over 2500 articles published in newspapers and magazines during that time. She began attending Colorado Christian Writer's Conferences and each year, under the tutelage of great Christian writer's like James Scott Bell, Angela Hunt, and others, she honed her skills and then published her first book in 2003. With 19 books to her credit, one currently inactive and awaiting revision, each one surpasses the last, according to her readers. The new series has given them something to think about as she delves into the world of sex trafficking and pedophilia. Each book has its own message and seeks to instill in the reader a sense of purpose as it is lived out in the lives of the characters. Website: Facebook PAGE: Goodreads Author Page: Amazon Author Page: Twitter URL:

Casia Schreyer

Casia Schreyer lives in South Eastern Manitoba. She has lived in Manitoba all her life and she is proud of being a "local author" in the area. She is happily married and the mother of two. She currently works stocking shelves to make ends meet. Casia started writing stories as a child and never stopped. She collects ideas the way other people collect hockey cards or rare coins. She reads and writes in most genres and never turns away a free book. She reviews books by other indie writers on her blog. When Casia isn't writing she is busy raising her kids, doing the chores, working, and knitting. Casia has several books available through other publishers including: • Off the Market • Pants on Fire Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Amazon Author Page: Goodreads:

Celesta Thiessen

I live in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada with my husband and two young daughters. We're homeschoolers and entrepreneurs. My husband and I make iOS apps and I write stories. Being a writer is magical - spinning nothing into stories - stories that can light the way to a different world. Website: Facebook: Goodreads: Amazon Author Page: Twitter: Pinterest: Google+:

Chantelle Storm

Chantelle’s love for writing began when she was in the eighth grade, when a friend of hers suggested that she join her in writing a book. Admittedly, she didn’t enjoy it at first, however, as time progressed, she started to bring her words and characters to life and so an author began to develop. After several more years of growth and development, she began a brand new story idea, with new characters in a new world. That first project she ever finished she describes as “one of the most thrilling moments in her life”. Chantelle is also a model and loves to travel. She enjoys a variety of music and has been playing the piano since she was three years old. She also loves to sing and sometimes writes her own songs, and even enjoys acting, drawing, dancing, playing tennis, and going to the movies. When asked what challenges she faced while writing this book: “I’ve never actually written a book in the style that I used for this one. So that was a challenge, but in the best possible way. I grew writing this book.” Chantelle lives with her family in Manitoba, Canada. Connect with Chantelle

Christine Steendam

Christine Steendam is the award-winning romance author of the Foremost Chronicles and the Ocean Series. She also flirts with sci-fi and comic book writing and is a yearly participant in NaNoWriMo. Christine makes her home in Manitoba, Canada on a sprawling 15 acre ranch with her husband, two young sons, and a brood of animals including Guinness, her beloved chocolate quarter horse, Beau, her St Bernard/Golden Retriever cross, and a gaggle of barn kittens.

CJ Bolyne

My name is CJ Bolyne and I am an author of Urban Fantasy and Sci Fi. I’ve always wanted to write in the fantasy / sci-fi genre. My first book, Trinity, is an urban fantasy book, and the first in its 3 part series. If you are a fan of Stephanie Meyer (the Twilight series) or Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games), I really believe you’ll enjoy this book. It’s currently available as a free download at Smashwords. My second book, Anords Tyranny, is the second book in the Trinity trilogy. It’s also available at Smashwords for only $3.99. My third and final book in the Trinity Trilogy, Guardians: Victory or Defeat, is also now available at Smashwords for only $3.99 When I’m not writing, I spend my time on my farm with my husband and multiple pets. I also run a full-time pet grooming business. I am located in Manitoba, Canada. Website: Facebook: Goodreads: Amazon: Twitter:

Crystal Dueck

I have been a storyteller since before I could read or write. Since I could not write the stories, I would "pretend" or act them out. I thoroughly made use of the new-found freedom of writing when I finally could write, and I filled my drawer with things I wrote. The last three years I spent attending a Christian ministry school in Redding, California (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry). That is where my current novel was birthed and developed. This is my first complete novel.

Doreen Pchajek

Doreen Pchajek lives in Ste. Anne, Manitoba (Canada) with her husband Bob Pchajek. They had three children together; two boys and one girl. They were very happy living as a family together until May 29, 1998 when they were faced with the “Ultimate Tragedy”; the death of their only daughter, Stacey Leanne Pchajek. Their lives as they knew them were changed forever. Not only would this be the ultimate tragedy in their lives, but also the ultimate test of their love for each other. Doreen had always enjoyed writing and there were many people that said she had a talent for writing. The possibility of writing a book had always been somewhere in the back of her mind. She was kept busy being a devoted wife and mother though so it was just something to think about down the road. When Stacey died at the age of thirteen, the whole family’s lives were thrown into turmoil. After going through six very difficult years it occurred to Doreen that by putting her experiences into a book it could help others who are going through a similar tragedy &/or help others to understand what bereaved parents go through. The thought of helping others was very appealing to Doreen, who was a former nurse (the helping profession) and the next thing she knew she was writing her first book.

Geralyn Wichers

Geralyn Wichers writes from Steinbach Manitoba, Canada where she works in pharmecuetical manufacturing. She authors a blog which encourages others to pursue excellence and turn their everyday lives into an adventure. Her resume includes such exploits as being paid to kill mosquitos, driving a car named Strawberry, and playing Pharaoh in a stage production of Moses, Prince of Egypt. Read more from Geralyn at

Jana Richards

Jana Richards has tried her hand at many writing projects over the years, from magazine articles and short stories to paranormal suspense and romantic comedy. She loves to create characters with a sense of humor, but also a serious side. She believes there's nothing more interesting then peeling back the layers of a character to see what makes them tick. When not writing up a storm, working at her day job as an Office Administrator, or dealing with ever present mountains of laundry, Jana can be found on the local golf course pursuing her newest hobby. Jana lives in Western Canada with her husband Warren, and a highly spoiled Pug/Terrier cross named Lou. Website: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Amazon Author Page: Newsletter Signup: Goodreads: Google+:

Kelley Post

Kelley Post grew up in Bowsman, Manitoba with her Grandparents who instilled in her an incredibly strong work ethic and the compassion to assist any and all people in need and to be able to see in those people the potential to be something more. Kelley has an extensive background in a variety of Social Services in Canada. These areas include; domestic violence, health care, employment, education, disabilities, mental health and financial issues. Kelley is an experienced facilitator who specializes in addressing barriers to employment and education for individuals to develop skills that would assist in their journey towards independence. As a parent and professional, Kelley has hands on experience working in the disability communities and is constantly working towards inclusion of individuals with physical, mental and intellectual disabilities. For more than thirty years, Kelley has worked with individuals who struggle to find their place in society in a manner in which society will accept with her varied and diverse background, Kelley has put together a motivational book for the motivator. To assist the caregiver in providing ideas to be implemented in overcoming idleness, poverty, abuse, dependency and to encourage individuals in improving their current circumstances to Bloom Where they are Planted!

Keziah Thiessen & Celesta Thiessen

Celesta and Keziah Thiessen are a mother and daughter team who wrote these books together for fun because they both love stories and using their imaginations. They started writing the series when Keziah was seven years old. During the brainstorming phase, they immediately came up with the idea of having a cat as one of the main characters - cats were Keziah’s favorite animals. Now Keziah is twelve. She still loves animals of all kinds, especially dragons.

Kimberly Dawn Rempel

Kim passionately adores jazz, poplar trees, and thinking deep, uninterrupted thoughts. She believes everyone has a unique story that's worth telling. She especially loves helping people communicate concisely, whether through editing or ghostwriting. For more from Kim, visit

Kristy Pantin

Kristy Pantin was born on an island called Trinidad in the West Indies in 1977, and later immigrated to Winnipeg, Canada where she currently lives with her three daughters. She progressed from writing diaries, to poetry, to fiction at a very young age and eventually decided at age thirty three that she was ready to publish a book. Her first book, a romance titled 'The Immortal MacLeod: Book 1 in the MacLeod Series', was published in September of 2011, and she became a finalist in the ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Award for this novel. Kristy loves writing in multiple genres and is always looking for the next amazing story. Kristy Pantin

Larry Updike

From the debauchery of The Tom and Larry Show on FM rock radio in the 80’s to a talk radio phenomenon on CJOB and later on CBC, Manitoba Broadcaster’s Hall of Famer Larry Updike still found time to finish a Theology degree, and a Philosophy degree at the University of Winnipeg, earning the honour of Distinguished Alumni (and a Plato Prize to boot). An advocate for the less fortunate, Larry has spent time as the spokesperson for Siloam Mission and as a supporter of The War Amps, earning him the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002. He is also a relentless advocate for individuals with autism after his own son Gordon was diagnosed with the disorder in 1994

Les Kletke

Les Kletke is a book coach, freelance writer and speaker with an exceptional resumé. Les has coached people across the globe through the process of writing, and publishing their books. For past 10 years Les has also worked as a freelance writer, and has had work published in numerous newspapers, and magazines, while authoring six of his own books. He has studied as a Nuffield Scholar in England and has a degree in Economics and a diploma in Agriculture from the University of Manitoba. He worked as an agronomist in Russia and studied in Canada, the U.S., Korea, Brazil, New Zealand, and most recently Mongolia and China. He is also a graduate of the Continental School of Auctioneering. Having worked and travelled around the globe, Les brings experience to his work like no other.

Marianne Curtis

With a pen in her hand and a camera hanging around her neck, southern Manitoba native, Marianne Curtis has written several thousand freelance articles for the Dawson Trail Dispatch since 1997. Her debut publication, a memoir called Finding Gloria, is a source of hope and inspiration for others as Marianne reveals raw, honest details about the mental and physical abuse she suffered as a child and teenager and how she found love, healing and peace. It reached the top of the Amazon best sellers list numerous occasions in Canada, United States and United Kingdom. Since releasing Finding Gloria, Curtis has raised international awareness on the effects of child abuse, bullying, mental health issues and social injustice through writing and speaking engagements on radio, newspaper, podcasts, social media and television. For this work, she received a YWCA Woman of Distinction award nod in 2013. In the fall of 2014, Curtis will release Rae of Hope: Stories from Survivors, a compilation of stories written by bullying survivors around the world. “Rae of Hope” unites survivors with common goals - to inspire, give hope, save lives and ultimately Stop Bullying across the world. Website: and Facebook: Goodreads: Amazon: Twitter: Google+:

Mel Groening

Written by Marianne Curtis - For ten years, columnist Mel Groening shared his witty and insightful farm philosophy`s with readers in the monthly edition of the Agri-Post, a Manitoba based monthly publication. After he passed away, his family put together his well written columns in one volume for everyone to enjoy. While the majority of his topics are farm related, the general philosophies are age-old and many readers will relate. This book is a must-have for anyone who enjoys a combination of short stories that are entertaining yet educational. My late father (a dairy farmer) would have loved this book.

Mike Clarke

Please go to:;; or, for details.

Robert Stermscheg

Robert Stermscheg, born in Europe in 1956, was exposed to many wonderful writers – Edgar Rice Burroughs, Alexandre Dumas, and of course Karl May. He appreciated how they opened up a whole new world to our imaginations through their portrayal of life. His parents were of Austrian descent, and as a result of his father’s occupation as an electrical engineer, he moved several times in his early childhood. His father kept a steady supply of books to broaden his son’s education, including a repertoire of Karl May books. The entire family moved to Canada in 1967, eventually settling in Manitoba. Robert was involved in chess, hockey, flying, but always kept up his interest in the German language. His passion to share the works of Karl May, largely unknown in North America, resulted in the search for English translations. After retiring from a satisfying career with the Winnipeg Police Service in 2006, he had the opportunity to pursue his dream—translating one of Karl May’s novels into English. His wife, Toni, embraced his dream and encouraged him in the writing process. She supported him in this new venture by being a proof reader. In 2006, Robert and embarked on his first book, The Prussian Lieutenant, based on an earlier work by Karl May. His first book was well received, encouraging him to continue with the sequel, The Marabout’s Secret. Buried Secrets, the third book, shifts back to France. There is much tension, as the ruling authority prepares for a war with its neighbour, Germany. Robert resides in Winnipeg and is currently working on his fourth book, Captain Richemonte.

Violet Moore

Violet Moore resides in Steinbach, MB. The love of books from a very young age grew to a dream of one day being an author by her mid-teens. Thanks to the encouragement of family, friends, and her Writer's Club, she is excited and in awe that her dream has become reality.