Chantelle’s love for writing began when she was in the eighth grade, when a friend of hers suggested that she join her in writing a book. Admittedly, she didn’t enjoy it at first, however, as time progressed, she started to bring her words and characters to life and so an author began to develop. After several more years of growth and development, she began a brand new story idea, with new characters in a new world. That first project she ever finished she describes as “one of the most thrilling moments in her life”.

Chantelle is also a model and loves to travel. She enjoys a variety of music and has been playing the piano since she was three years old. She also loves to sing and sometimes writes her own songs, and even enjoys acting, drawing, dancing, playing tennis, and going to the movies. When asked what challenges she faced while writing this book: “I’ve never actually written a book in the style that I used for this one. So that was a challenge, but in the best possible way. I grew writing this book.”

Chantelle lives with her family in Manitoba, Canada.

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