Kelley Post grew up in Bowsman, Manitoba with her Grandparents who instilled in her an incredibly strong work ethic and the compassion to assist any and all people in need and to be able to see in those people the potential to be something more.
Kelley has an extensive background in a variety of Social Services in Canada. These areas include; domestic violence, health care, employment, education, disabilities, mental health and financial issues.
Kelley is an experienced facilitator who specializes in addressing barriers to employment and education for individuals to develop skills that would assist in their journey towards independence. As a parent and professional, Kelley has hands on experience working in the disability communities and is constantly working towards inclusion of individuals with physical, mental and intellectual disabilities.
For more than thirty years, Kelley has worked with individuals who struggle to find their place in society in a manner in which society will accept with her varied and diverse background, Kelley has put together a motivational book for the motivator.
To assist the caregiver in providing ideas to be implemented in overcoming idleness, poverty, abuse, dependency and to encourage individuals in improving their current circumstances to Bloom Where they are Planted!

Yes You Can! Bloom Where You Are Planted